Now get rid of tempered glass
Now Get Rid Of Tempered Glass
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• 9H hardness scratch resistant.
• Water resistant
• Kills 99.9% germs and bacteria.
• 100% invisible protection
• Fits all glass screen
• Enhance the color and clarity of screen
• Bubble free protection.
• Eco friendly and organic.
• Fast, simple and easy to apply just in 30 Minutes





Direction of apply liquid on a mobile screen

Frequently Ask Question !!

Answer: 9h refers to the Moh scale of mineral hardness. Friedrich Mohs invented this scale in 1812, and it ranges from 1 to 10 with glass around 5 and diamond at the top of the scale. The scale is represented by numbers only without the "H" suffix. The suffix means the hardness of a pencil. To find a rating, you use the pencil test, which compares the relative hardness of a screen.

When a manufacturer claims 9h, it means the screen can resist scratches from the hardest pencil. we analyze the hardness based on the scratch the hardest pencil has on the screen. From soft to hard pencil, pencil hardness ranges from 9b to 9h. Testing various displays, we use pencils that have a lead hardness ranging from 6b to 9h, pressed against the surface at a 45-degree angle. The codes are given based on the hardest pencil that fails to scratch the surface.
The table below shows 9H hardness scale.
Answer: Yes you can use for glass screen! MicroShield liquid glass screen protector is particularly made only for glass screens.
Answer: MicroShield is ultra scratch resistant and has been certified with 9H hardness, Which is the hardness level just before a diamond. This means that it will prevent scratches from normal wear and tear. Keys or coins in your pocket will not scratch your screen. We do, however, recommend using a case for the backside of your device, which is also prone to scratches. But we don't provide any warranty for this product, coz we are not selling our product for a particular brand or model. it may vary glass built quality differ, model wise. otherwise, the product is worthy.
Answer: The protection will last for up to ten to twelve months depending on how you use your device. To make sure you are fully protected we recommend you re-apply MicroShield Liquid every year.
Answer: No. If you have followed the instructions and apply the correct amount on your phone it will not interfere with or ruin your loudspeaker.
Answer: The screen will become 6X* harder and to a certain extend also strengthen its ability to withstand a drop to the ground. However, we do not guarantee that the screen will not break if the phone falls the wrong way, and especially not if it lands on a corner. We do not provide any type of guarantee or warranty for any drop damage or test.

*Condition Apply
Answer: MicroShield is not supposed to be taken off again as it basically becomes part of and improves the original screen. When you have treated your phone with MicroShield it adheres to the surface directly. This means the quantum forces draw the molecules to the substrate layer of the original glass and blend together. The coating is only 200-500 (0.0004mm) nanometer thick and completely invisible. It will eventually wear off after about one year. If you wish to polish it off you must use high-quality nail paint remover along with cotton and rub on the screen for about 2 minutes & left your device as un-touched at least 3 hours, then clean with alcohol.
Answer: MicroShield liquid is a screen protector that is created to replace any other screen protector in the market. It is meant to prevent scratches related to ordinary wear and tear. Keys, coins, and day-to-day use of the phone. It also increases the strength of the glass against breakage and dropping the phone.

Note: It is not 100% Anti-Broken.
Answer: There is no need for a coating machine to apply the liquid on any device for an individual customer, the machine only provides for the reseller to make less time instead of 30 minutes, etc. the machine takes less than10 minutes, only the reason and use of it. Nothing Else.
Answer: Microshield will not responsible for any type of liquid damage or impact damage by test or itself by device or device users, we strongly suggest only making certified tests only by related registered labs. we don't accept any challenge for drop test and scratch test, recommend the only professional lab for this to prove 9H hardness, etc.
We do not give any type of guarantee or warranty for this product or any process by machines.
We do not accept any wrong comments by our local area reseller or promotional reseller executive, we do not suggest them to make others understand out of our sales advertisement criteria, which are already printed on our brochure and website.
We never suggest to our reseller's to force clients to use our products on any device, customers are totally independent to make the decision for our product.
On our product brochures, website, marketing display counters, etc, if there are displaying pictures are showing a hammer, knife, or any hard tool which are only parts of advertisements & we do not recommend any actual test purpose.
Microshield liquid is a brand of product undertaking the firm Excellence Impex Trading Co, & it is SGS approved and tested in the lab only by professional technicians & keeps right to any type of change's in our terms and conditions, etc anytime, anywhere.

All types of jurisdiction will be held in Delhi’s Court only.
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